We are young team from Poland, who create websites, web applications and great design.
ColorKit - screen
ColorKit Photoshop Plugin

ColorKit is a productivity tool for color management. You can easily collect colors into projects, and link them with a layer with single click. Forget about Photoshop’s swatches and let the adventure begin!

Dribbblr - screen
Dribbblr iOS Application

This is the first Dribbble widget for iPhone and iPad! Check your latest activity and stay up to date with profile statistics from Notification Center. Two separated widgets included - activity and stats.

ColorRun - screen
ColorRun Web | iOS | Android

ColorRun is a simple and addictive game, which was made just for fun. We made it in few hours and it was played more than 300.000 times!

ScreenSnap - screen
ScreenSnap Photoshop Plugin

We are presenting new Photoshop plugin. It was developed to help designers create perfect screenshots of their work with just a few clicks. It's really fast and it can also generate Retina version.

Foto - screen
Foto Ui Design | HTML5 | CSS3 | JS

We are proud to present our best theme! It's built with passion and precision to every detail. It was designed to provide best reading experience! This theme is also fully responsive! - screen Ui & UX Design | PHP | HTML5 | CSS3 | JS

We wanted a fast and beautiful link shortener so we created You can just open the site, paste the link and you get extremely short link. It's still in beta but we are working on a final version.


Design is very important part of everything. Our projects are user friendly and they just look beautiful. We believe that design can change how customer thinks about something so our projects are always well designed.


We make brilliant websites and amazing web applications. Our products always work as fast as they can! Speed ​​and reliability are our priority. We always use latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to make our products as perfect as we can.

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MakeTheWeb - small team of professionals from Poland. Every our project is done with passion. We love to do it and that's why our products are always polished! Our customers always love our ideas and users love using our apps. Do you want a good looking and professional website or application? Contact us now!